The challenge: The Mayor of London and his team have a complicated portfolio of communications to manage. How should they strike the right balance of themes to best serve Londoners? How should they plan their communications to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency?

The team: Comprised members of the Mayor’s immediate team, the Press, Digital, Marketing and Communications teams. In all, over 25 different people contributed to the work.

The work: We ran three sets of workshops. The first, inviting collaboration between the teams to understand the Mayor’s goals and translate them into prioritised communications themes. The second, working to streamline the process of developing communications. The third, developing initial briefs and creative ideas for each of the themes and the key events within each, and agreeing the resources required to run the campaigns.

The outcome: Embedded the Mayor’s policy priorities in the plans for 2017/2018 communications. Agreed who would do what and the teams and resources they would have.

Deliverables: Workshops and discussions, memos and follow up meetings to ensure the new strategic communications plan was off to a solid start.