The deliverables of a sprint aren’t as predictable as they are for other projects. Sprint participants have produced sketches and drawings, writing, photographs, comic strips, videos and fully coded working prototypes. The answer is whatever’s right to answer the problem.

Sprints also produce different deliverables for different audiences – the team, your organisation at large, the public – it really depends what you want to show people to help them understand your solution.

Here’s a table outlining what usually comes out of a sprint project:




Things sprint team makes and uses
Sketches and notes – shorthand ideas Using post-its, A3/A4 drawings, business/campaign canvasses To quickly communicate ideas to one another
Things for our customers
A prototype or test Making clickable presentations, paper prototypes, quick coded tools, role plays To get a response – does it work the way they want it to?
Things for the people delivering the idea
Plans and briefs Creating a written vision and an outline of what needs to be done, with what, by whom, by when. To work out how the idea will be delivered.
Things for the rest of our organisation
Documentation – the story behind our work Make a presentation, a blog post, a staff newsletter, a photo gallery, an exhibition To earn agreement and buy in for our planned solution
Things for the rest of the world
Things we want to share – our successes and failures Explaining our work through blog post, a talk, a Q&A or a video telling the story So people can learn from and be inspired by our work

If these are the outcomes you’re looking for:

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