The goal of a sprint is to find a quick, cheap and accurate answer to a difficult problem. Sprints help organisations in different ways. Some benefits are external, e.g. helping increase customers numbers or retain them better. Some are internal, giving colleagues a chance to work together in a different, focused way. Here are some measures of success:

External measures

  1. Getting a better understanding of your customers by working to meet their needs
  2. Creating a better experience for customers that meets or beats their expectations
  3. Increasing customer numbers and revenue
  4. Retaining customers better
  5. Testing everything with real customers so you know what’s working

Internal measures

  1. Focusing a small, skillful team on a difficult problem
  2. Solving problems yourselves, using collaboration and new thinking techniques
  3. Redesigning operations to create new, better experiences for customers
  4. Collective agreement and accountability on next steps
  5. Saving money and time


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