In just one week, we help you make informed decisions about the way forward before you commit people, time and money to a solution.

We use five day “sprints” to:

  • Create a better, shared understanding of the challenge you face
  • Focus on the needs of your customer
  • Use small team collaboration, knowledge sharing and rapid idea generation techniques to find solutions
  • Test your solutions with the people they benefit, and using their feedback to make them better
  • Showcase the ability of your team and organisation to think for itself and find its own solutions
  • Help you plan how best to deliver your ideas

We provide:

  • Different sprint formats for different challenges
  • Expert strategic and creative facilitation
  • Inspiration and activities to stimulate new thinking
  • Research with customers to help you choose the right ideas and learn how to improve them
  • Introductions to the right partners to help you turn ideas into reality
  • The perfect environment, activities and materials for successful collaborative working
  • Affordable fixed fees

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