Why we exist

1) To trust people and organisations

Too many consultants get hired to think about the thing. We want to help you think through the thing by trusting yourself and your colleagues with finding the solution. Because you understand your organisation, you’ll come up with answers more accurately tailored to it.

In an era of big data, machine learning, robots, virtual reality and (soon) AI, let’s not forget the human.

What we do

1) One thing well – sprints

We run sprints to help organisations break through difficult problems.

We don’t build products or services, run change programmes or anything else.

Our job is to create the best possible structure for you and your team to have new ideas and work out how to make them happen.

2) To save organisations time…

The irony of a process like a sprint is that it’s a fast way of going slowly. If an experienced team focuses on an important problem for a week, spending 2-300 hours examining possibilities, it’s roughly equivalent to the time they’d invest in briefing and tracking a project over a number of months. The benefit comes from the absolute focus of a sprint week, the specific activities designed to share important information, create possibilities and make decisions.

2) Create time and space to think

Too much time at work is spent going from meeting to meeting, updating others on progress and earning permission to move forward.

Too little is spent thinking hard about new solutions to difficult problems, working together to gain agreement, sharing knowledge and finding a new path.

3) …And money

Big consultancies and agencies cost lots of money. Paying for their large teams, stuffed with junior people, at substantial day rates adds up incredibly quickly. In large organisations, this often adds up to millions in fees per year.

Don’t hire them. Instead, use sprints to think for yourselves, work out exactly what you want to do then, if you need help to deliver your ideas, you’ll be able to accurately brief the right partners.

3) Always be interesting

By working across sectors and challenges, we use the lessons of one to give us about the other.

We will always be endlessly curious about customers lives and needs, different business challenges, technology, culture and whatever else grabs our attention.

How we’ll do it

We wrote a todo list for the next few years. We’ll update it with our progress as we go. If you want to work with us…

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