“YES! Follow me…”

Sprints help you find the right strategy, design or improve a product or service and devise a campaign.

Good questions for a sprint include:

  • “How might we get a better understanding of our customers needs and start down the right path?”
  • “How might we meet a specific customer need with a new service?”
  • “How might our product keep up with the increasing expectations of our customers?”
  • “How might we give our colleagues the tools to successfully meet customers’ needs?”
  • “How might we develop a marketing plan we all agree on?”


Problems that are very complicated or very obvious aren’t right for a sprint. If your problem isn’t, we’ll tell you.

Complicated problems:

  • Big operational challenges such as staffing, IT infrastructure, new organisational structure
  • Creating a culture shift in your organisation, e.g. from being very procedure based to being more nimble and agile

Problems with obvious solutions:

  • You know what to do, so just need to do it.
  • “We just need to find the right text for this button”

If you need help choosing or defining your sprint challenge, we can help for free:

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