Sprints at The Shop are intensive week-long programmes of collaborative work where a team of 5-8 people from your organisation share their knowledge to develop and test solutions to the challenges you face.

The most well known of these programmes is the “design sprint”, which focuses on finding solutions to product or service design challenges. However, sprints can also be adapted to other challenges – those of developing strategy by creating, evaluating and selecting the right options for your organisation and to the strategic and creative process of developing marketing and advocacy campaigns.

Sprint Week Guide:

Before Prep
Mon Share knowledge
Tue Sketch solutions
Wed Choose a direction
Thu Create the solution(s)
Fri Test and evaluate
After Next steps

Sprints are effective because:

  • You can adapt ideas to fit your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses
  • The strongest ideas come from within an organisation, through understanding your customers’ needs
  • They move quickly, finding consensus for new ideas by bridging organisational boundaries and creating real data

You and your team bring the knowledge of your customers and organisation and the challenge you’re trying to solve.

We facilitate the week, bring inspiration, an external, independent perspective and help you take the next step.

If you’d like us to facilitate your sprint:

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