Not every challenge is the same. And so not every sprint is the same.

We’ve created sprints for strategy and campaign development, to sit alongside the product design sprint originated and popularised by Google Ventures.

They hold in common the most important things – move quickly, work as a team and test your thinking as soon as you possibly can.

A sprint to…

Decide a strategy

Invent or improve a product or service

Create a marketing or advocacy campaign

The objective for the sprint…
Develop a plan to take advantage of opportunities and realise a shared vision Invent or improve an experience for your customers Create a marketing plan and assets for your product or service
Who should participate?
Senior leadership Product team Marketing team
What are some of the outcomes or deliverables?
A vision illustrating the final achievement of the strategic objective

Plans for the projects/measures that’ll get you there
A longlist of proposed ideas or features

A prototyped and tested product or service

Feedback that helps you work out where next
A multi-channel plan for reaching your customers

Prototyped marketing assets

Outline briefs per channel for execution teams/partners
How much will it cost?
From £10,000 + VAT for experienced facilitation and everything else you need.

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