We want to make the process of having us help your business as simple as possible.

Get in touch: Email Sam Jeffers to arrange a call to discuss your needs.

Sign contract: A simple statement of work outlines what’s in, and out, of a sprint.

Pay fee: We charge an affordable, flat fee for each sprint.

Decide the problem you want to solve: It’s better to have a big, complicated, important problem to think about.

Choose the sprint team: Pick a team of 5-8 people. Choose different skills and backgrounds. If the team lacks particular expertise, let’s talk about bringing in someone else.

Pick a week that works: It probably won’t be next week, but 5-6 weeks from now most people’s calendars free up. Ideally, they are free from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm each day.

Secure space: Book a room with plenty of whiteboard, a big table and a screen. We’ll bring the rest.

Have your team complete a pre-sprint questionnaire: It helps us to know a little about who’s going to be in the room and their first thoughts on the problem at hand.

Arrive at 10am on the Monday morning of the sprint, and we’ll have everything ready to go: Your programme of activities, the materials we need, hot coffee, lunch plans – the things you need to concentrate on thinking up new ideas.

Start work!