Sprints are short projects. You can do a lot in a week, but you can’t do everything.

We maintain a list of partners whose work we consider to be of a very high standard to help you, should you need them, deliver the ideas you have during a sprint.

For transparency’s sake, we want, from the very start, to be clear about the financial arrangements between ourselves and these partners.

Commissions paid to The Shop

Some of our partners pay The Shop a commission if someone we refer to them becomes a client. Here are our rules about these payments:

  1. If we recommend a partner or agency to you, we will let you know if they will pay a commission to us if you end up working together.
  2. We will always recommend you at least one partner we don’t have a commission-based arrangement with.
  3. The commission paid will vary depending on the size of the contract, but we will voluntarily cap any commissions to 50% of the contract value between The Shop and you.

Commissions paid by The Shop

If you recommend us to a potential client and we end up working together, we will happily write you a cheque for 10% of the contract value between The Shop and the client.

If you know of a client or project you think The Shop could help:

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